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クボイズム デザイン&アート

Design & Art

Cuboism is an art project  name of  Masahiko Cubo.​

It's not only the work of the design that I experienced in the past but also the art works such as drawings and painting sculptures, as well as things actually produced and sold such as ceramic works.


1 min Movie for Exhibition 
Biennale di Soncino 2019
"Schiena che Parla"
by Masahiko Cubo

2019年8月24日- 9月29日


1 min Movie for Exhibition 
at Lido Liquor Bar, Milan Italia
"Back to Japan"
by Masahiko Cubo

2019年4月13日- 5月2


1 min Movie for Exhibition 
at La Pedrera Soncino, Italia
"Definizione Neutrale"
by Masahiko Cubo

2019年4月7日- 4月30日



Cuboism - Masahiko Cubo

I molded what I made as a sculpture into a ceramic piece. It's a Torso.There is no part in the front. You can put it on the wall or you can put it on the table. 

クボイズム 久保雅彦 セラミックアート



Used as a vase

Use as an aroma diffuser

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Back Ceramic

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neutral matter

Cuboism - Masahiko Kubo - Neutral Matter

In the mysterious realism, the pencil drawing drawn can lead to a sense wrapped in nature, rborn from nature.

クボイズム 久保雅彦 

ニュートラル・マター 曖昧物質


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Pencil Drawing

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